Wedding Event Patti Planner

Our strength is the team, we’re Wedding Planner and Flower designers with twenty years experience. This allows us to organize uni que weddings, with care and professionalism, making your big day perfect. Every aspect is planned with great creativity and dexterity, interpreting your wishes and following your preferences, giving life to a personalized Event.

Whith attention and elegance, we will study together every detail, to satisfy your tastes and create personalized creations, which will follow the fil rouge of your wedding.

We will follow you step by step, and we will guide you with precision and punctuality in all the stages of the preparations, starting from the document management, to the choice of the ideal location that adapts perfectly to your style, the insides and outdoor spaces, the choice of suppliers, and a whole series of services which will mare the day of the “yes” exclusive and unforgettable.

Contact us without obligation, we are your disposal to define every detail of an unforgettable wedding!


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